GPRS-GSM Based Biometric Attendance Management and Monitoring System

Timenex® is an advanced GPRS-GSM based Biometric Attendance Management & Monitoring Solution designed to assist Corporates, Government Organizations and Educational Institutions to manage and monitor the attendance of their employees & students from anywhere in the world through their devices (computer, ipad, mobile phone, etc).

Timenex® is designed to help institutions/organizations to reduce their administrative overhead by eliminating the time spent on manual calculations, decrease overall labor costs, and to shrink the gap between payroll policy and actual practice. It also provides an innovative approach to reduce the communication gap between institutions & employees or students

Timenex® solution is equipped with highly reliable Biometrics Fingerprint Machines with built-in battery backup of 3-4 hours which eliminates the trouble of power-failure. It is equipped with the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and high-performance; high-image quality optical fingerprint sensor.

The GPRS advantage lies in the data storage; All staff information can be accessed on any computer system anywhere in the world. All information on the device remains stored on a web server where no one can tamper with the information stored. If the device is destroyed, staff information can still be retrieved since the information on the device has been backed-up on the web server.

Uniqueness of Timenex® GPRS Solution

It can send SMS to punctual employees, Students encouraging them to keep up the good work while late employees will get a caution SMS stating the implications of lateness to organization's productivity.

Timenex ® also sends automated SMS to employees on their birthdays, public holidays, and company events, among others. For schools and other education institutions it sends SMS to parents for their children daily time-in and time-out alerts and other notification from school.

Another major benefit of the solution is that it can be deployed to any organization based on their requirements, structure and needs.


Minimizes Data & Human Error, Enforces Pay & Attendance Policies, Reduces Overall Cost, Maximizes Gain, Operates Quickly and Conveniently, Strong Communication tool with parents, Provides Data Access to Connected Devices (Mobile, Laptop, PCs, Anytime), Performs Comprehensive Functions in a Friendly UI, Reduces Manual and Timely Admin Tasks, Ensures Application of Work & Pay Rules

    • Recording daily employee time attendance
    • Generating Time Attendance reports (e.g. punctuality, lateness, absenteeism, etc on daily, weekly, monthly, etc)
    • Enabling PC connectivity for attendance report sharing and printing
    • Generating and sends personalized and motivational SMS/Email attendance notifications
    • Preventing time frauds
    • Preventing buddy punching
    • Accessing employees' attendance database from any location
    • Analyzing reports for efficiency
    • Report generation in various format (PDF, Excel, HTML)


Timenex® is capable of generating various reports depending on your organization's requirements; by default, Timex will generate the following reports: Punctuality report, Lateness report, Absenteeism report, Overtime report, Job shift report, Daily Summary Report, Monthly Summary Report, Employees Hours Summary, Daily Present Report, Absent Report, Leave Report, Section wise Repot Additional SMS Alerts: Organizations /Schools/ Offices can send any type of information to group or individuals through SMS. For Example Notifications, Emergency Alerts, Holidays Alerts, Meetings Alerts results, etc